re-Dedicate to You Wellness Series - First Series

re-Dedicate to You Wellness Series - First Series

Re-Dedicate yourself to your Self for 2022!

Beginning January 2nd, join me in an ongoing series dedicated to well-being. Stay for a month or Stay for the whole year!

It's important to maintain and cultivate ways to support our own well-being... That is what Re-Dedicate 2022 is all about.

In an ongoing series of regular practices we will create a foundation for positivity. That doesn’t mean that each moment is positive, but that we are doing things that build a boardwalk of positivity that helps keep us above the weeds.

Here’s how it works…

Each morning (except Saturday), there will be a new video class posted at the online studio ( that is 15 minutes or less. Each practice will have a different focus, depending on the day of the week, from journaling and meditation to a physical yoga practice.

Re-Dedicate is something accessible you can start on the first of the year and do for the whole year…creating a “dedicated” practice of self-care with an easy routine that cultivates stability and positivity in your life.

At the same time, the point is to feel good! That means, do what works for you. Maybe you want to start with one class/week. Maybe you want to practice every day for a month and then adjust. Awesome! Do what works for you.


SUNDAY MEDITATION: Sundays we will practice meditation together, enjoying a simple and accessible practice.

MONDAY RETURN: The Monday class is about getting back to the week, feeling good, and enjoying a delightful, psychical yoga practice.

TUESDAY INVIGORATION: Tuesday is a good day to build energy and remind ourselves that we can do it! These sessions are about getting some movement and heat going.

WEDNESDAY FOUNDATION: During the Wednesday classes, we will get connected to our foundations, which might mean getting clarity about the alignment of a yoga posture, or feeling grounded and steady in ourselves.

THURSDAY MINDFULNESS: Each Thursday our practice will center on raising awareness—of ourselves and or surroundings—through a mindfulness practice.

FRIDAY JOURNAL: Journaling is understood to be one of the best mental health exercises you can practice. It helps you find clarity and allows you to let things go. Each class will begin with a journaling prompt, followed by 8 minutes of journaling together.

re-Dedicate series only: $13.95/month

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re-Dedicate to You Wellness Series - First Series