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Watch Re-Dedicate: Day Four, Foundations

Watch Re-Dedicate: Day Four, Foundations


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  • re-Dedicate: Day Five, Mindfulness

    Today in our series we'll focus on seeing the room that we are practicing in from all kinds of different angles. It's kind of amazing how you can be in a room but not really see it, just like you can be in a situation but having a hard time "seeing" the big picture, or another person's point of ...

  • re-Dedicate: Day Six, Journaling

    I love journaling! It is known as one of those things that is universally helpful for the spirit, and the mind...and calms the body I'm sure. Today we think about what flowers we are going to plant it 2022, and how we are going to help them grow. Enjoy. :-)

  • re-Dedicate: Day Seven, Meditation

    This is the beginning of our 2nd week, and with that we'll do a meditation practice, focusing on the senses.