• John McConnell Yoga Studio

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    Wake up to the subtleties of your body, calm mental stress, and manage life tension. Everything you need you already have - these classes are here to help you see it.

    My focus is that students feel better after each class. I am really interested in the idea of building a foundation...

  • Holiday Helper Series

    4 videos  |   Buy $21

    This 21-day series of short classes (15 minutes or less) will help you relieve holiday stress, stay grounded and steady, and practice self-care in a community of friends from around the world.

    We will explore and delight in a variety of stress relief practices including yoga, journaling, pranaya...

  • Third Limb Series

    19 videos  |   Buy $21

    In this series we will focus on the body and movement as meditation. Classes will last around 15 minutes. Some classes will be a bit faster, some slower, some a more general practice, and some focused on a certain type of posture, like hips, for instance. This series is a great way to guarantee y...

  • Re-Dedicate 4-Week Wellness Series - 2nd Series

    26 videos  |   Buy $13.95

    Join this 4-week series to re-Dedicate yourself to your Self!
    Recorded classes posted from January 30th-Feburary 27th

    This series is a great way to stick to a regular practice. Each class is 15 minutes or less...you can do that! And, you will learn all different aspects of the yoga practice - ...

  • re-Dedicate to You Wellness Series - First Series

    27 videos  |   Buy $13.95

    Re-Dedicate yourself to your Self for 2022!

    Beginning January 2nd, join me in an ongoing series dedicated to well-being. Stay for a month or Stay for the whole year!

    It's important to maintain and cultivate ways to support our own well-being... That is what Re-Dedicate 2022 is all about.

    In a...