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  • Breath & The Miraculous Nervous System

    4 videos  |   Rent $42

    Limited Series
    April 22, April 29, May 6
    6-7:30pm ET

    In this new Limited Series we will learn more about the breath and the role it plays in the nervous system. From the series you will leave with a deeper relationship to yourself through your breath, and carry with you a handful of tools you ca...

  • 21 Days of Wellness

    16 videos  |   Rent $21

    Enjoy 21 days of wellness! This series of pre-recorded classes, each 10-15 minutes long, offers a different wellness practice each week day. There will be yoga, meditation, breathing practices, teachings from historic wisdom texts, and more!

    The series will provide you with a variety of wellness...

  • Limited Series : The Survival Chakras

    4 videos  |   Buy $38

    By deepening our understanding of these chakras, we can more deeply understand where we may be held back, and make changes in our lives and in our bodies that move us forward in ways that are aligned with who we are.
    This limited 3-week series is great for yoga teachers, as well as anyone who wan...

  • Move Into The New Year - 21 Day Series

    16 videos  |   Rent $21

    Commit to moving your body in the New Year! Start (or restart) a routine of feeling good each day with this 21-day yoga series. Classes are freshly recorded daily, fun, accessible, and a great way to set up a steady routine starting January 15. The series will be mainly focused on “hatha yoga,” w...

  • Holiday Helper Wellness Series

    16 videos  |   Rent $21

    We all need a bit of help to get through the holidays. The days are darker, the roads and sidewalks are icier, and there is lots of family and friends to hangout with. Sometimes it can be a bit much. This course is an opportunity to step away from all of that, re-center, and enjoy some self-care ...

  • 21 Days of Gratitude

    16 videos  |   Rent $21

    SERIES STARTS NOV. 6TH! Research shows that practicing gratitude for 15 minutes a day over a period of weeks can enhance mental wellness and promote a lasting change in perspective. Let's do it!

    Each class of this series is 15 minutes or less, covering a variety of gratitude practices, along wit...

  • Chakra Series

    16 videos  |   Rent $21

    You are invited to join this interesting, educational, and fun 21-day series! In this series we will explore the seven main chakras of the body, taking time to consider each chakra and doing practices to find balance for each one. Classes are 15 minutes or less.

    The areas we will focus on are:

  • 21-Day Grounding

    16 videos  |   Rent $21

    The goal of this series is to find grounding during this time of transition that can feel very ungrounded. The seasons are slowly changing, days are getting shorter, schools are starting. This is definitely a time of year that really needs to solid grounding and to find your footing. We will focu...

  • Spring Into Summer

    16 videos  |   Rent $21

    I'm excited to offer another popular 21-day series!  For the "Spring Into Summer" series, we will be focusing on a lot of practices that are about opening up the body, mind and heart to Summer and Summer activities. We'll also open up the senses to all that is already happening as we make this tr...

  • Bright Heart Series

    19 videos  |   Rent $21

    Start Anytime, Practice Anywhere! We are continuing the ever popular 21-Class / 15-Minute format! For this 21-Class Series we will focus on different practices to feel bright in the heart.

    We'll share different methods that create a good vibe: a poem, a visualization, or some other reminder t...

  • Fresh Start Yoga Series

    19 videos  |   Rent $21

    Start Anytime, Practice Anywhere! You can start this series whenever you'd like...it's never too late. Series classes are posted each day from Jan. 2nd-Jan 22nd...and you can do the series in-sync with new classes posted, or when it works best for you.

    Start Fresh in 2023 with a 15 minute clas...

  • Holiday Helper Series

    20 videos  |   Buy $21

    This 21-day series of short classes (15 minutes or less) will help you relieve holiday stress, stay grounded and steady, and practice self-care in a community of friends from around the world.

    We will explore and delight in a variety of stress relief practices including yoga, journaling, pranaya...

  • Third Limb Series

    19 videos  |   Buy $21

    In this series we will focus on the body and movement as meditation. Classes will last around 15 minutes. Some classes will be a bit faster, some slower, some a more general practice, and some focused on a certain type of posture, like hips, for instance. This series is a great way to guarantee y...

  • Re-Dedicate 4-Week Wellness Series - 2nd Series

    26 videos  |   Buy $13.95

    Join this 4-week series to re-Dedicate yourself to your Self!
    Recorded classes posted from January 30th-Feburary 27th

    This series is a great way to stick to a regular practice. Each class is 15 minutes or less...you can do that! And, you will learn all different aspects of the yoga practice - ...

  • re-Dedicate to You Wellness Series - First Series

    27 videos  |   Buy $13.95

    Re-Dedicate yourself to your Self for 2022!

    Beginning January 2nd, join me in an ongoing series dedicated to well-being. Stay for a month or Stay for the whole year!

    It's important to maintain and cultivate ways to support our own well-being... That is what Re-Dedicate 2022 is all about.

    In a...