Bright Heart Series

Bright Heart Series

Start Anytime, Practice Anywhere! We are continuing the ever popular 21-Class / 15-Minute format! For this 21-Class Series we will focus on different practices to feel bright in the heart.

We'll share different methods that create a good vibe: a poem, a visualization, or some other reminder that we always have light in the heart—even if sometimes that light may be in bit dim, particularly during these darker months where light can be hard to come by.

Each class will include a physical practice focused on the day's theme. Of course, we'll also create a wonderful community of connection, sharing answers to prompts and connecting with each other through the comment section for each video.

Classes are recorded and are 15 minutes long. You can practice when you want, where you want, and at your own pace. You will receive a supportive email each morning with a link and information about that day's class. Each Sunday session will be an "Integration Day," giving you time to catch up or redo a class. We will also have a special 1-hour class that we will do together over Zoom for those who are interested.

What to Expect:
• Positive Practices Each Day to Find Brightness, Light, and Love
• Watch the Series Anytime/Anywhere Within the 90-Day Rental Period
• Daily 15-Minute Yoga Classes
• All Levels and Abilities Welcome
• Physical, Breathing, Meditation, and Journaling Practices
• Leave Class Feeling Brighter
• Morning Motivational Email Reminder
• Pet-Friendly
• Easy to Commit To; Easy to Do
• 21 Classes
• Community-Oriented
• New Classes Posted Each Morning
• “Integration Class” Each Week Allowing to Catch Up or Repeat a Class
• 1-Hour “Live Class” for All Participants and Friends

A new class will be posted each morning. You can watch it when you get up in the morning, fit it in-between things during the day, or do it before you go to bed. It's easier to stick to the series with a consistent practice time, but if you need to move the class around each day to make it work, you're free to do that, too—that's what is so great about it!

John McConnell Yoga Studio provides an online yoga home for students of all abilities through uplifting, joyous teachings built on the foundations of the yoga tradition. So don't worry...this series is open to everyone, as are all the classes at the studio.

Let’s expand our light, love, and positivity! I hope you’ll join us!

Bright Heart Series