Spring Into Summer

Spring Into Summer

I'm excited to offer another popular 21-day series!  For the "Spring Into Summer" series, we will be focusing on a lot of practices that are about opening up the body, mind and heart to Summer and Summer activities. We'll also open up the senses to all that is already happening as we make this transition.  It will be fun to go through the series and share "signs of summer," like today we heard peepers as we were driving.  A wonderful sign that Summer is coming!

The classes are 15 minutes each, and viewable whenever and wherever you want.  You can practice the classes as they are posted, or work around your schedule...some people do a few in one day, and then skip a few days...whatever works is wonderful. One of the great parts about this format is the community!  Even though we are practicing at different times, everyone is invited to comment on each video, and on one another's input. I also give my feedback. It makes for a real feeling of community and connection.

You will receive a supportive email each morning with a link and information about that day's class. I am going to allow the weekend to act as "Integration Days."  I've found that people like to stay somewhat inline with when classes are posted, and so it's good to have a few days where you are able to re-do classes, or the catch up. The weekends will be for that. I also would love to have a live 1-hour "Zoom" class on a Sunday, if people are interested.
What to Expect:
• Positive Practices Each Day
• Watch the Series Anytime/Anywhere Within the 90-Day Rental Period
• Daily 15-Minute Yoga Classes
• All Levels and Abilities Welcome
• Plant and Pet Friendly
• Physical, Breathing, Meditation, and Journaling Practices
• Leave Class Feeling Better
• Morning Motivational Email Reminder 
• Easy to Commit To; Easy to Do
• 21-Days
• Community-Oriented
• New Classes Posted Each Morning
• “Integration Classes” Each Weekend Allowing to Catch Up or Repeat a Class
• 1-Hour “Live Class” for All Participants and Friends 

A new class will be posted each morning. You can watch it when you get up in the morning, fit it in-between things during the day, or do it before you go to bed. It's easier to stick to the series with a consistent practice time, but if you need to move the class around each day to make it work, you're free to do that, too—that's what is so great about it!
Let’s come tougher and welcome this wonderful transition of the seasons!

Spring Into Summer
  • Spring Into Summer Series

    I'm excited to offer another popular 21-day series! For the "Spring Into Summer" series, we will be focusing on a lot of practices that are about opening up the body, mind and heart to the Summer months and Summer activities. We'll also open up the senses to all that is already happening as we ma...

  • Spring Into Summer - Day 1

    Day 1 - To start the series we celebrate the potential of the season! Also, in the comment section please post your name, where you and from, and something about yourself. Also, what are you looking forward to this summer. Thanks! I'm so happy you're here. :-)

  • Spring Into Summer - Day 2

    For today we'll consider what are things that we want to hold onto, or re-kindle, that ground us in ourselves as we travel into this new season.

  • Spring Into Summer - Day 3

    For today we up our senses to the world around us.

  • Spring Into Summer - Day 4

    Today's practice is all about getting ready for hiking...particularly if you are in Vermont, Camel's Hump. :-)

  • Spring Into Summer - Day 5

    Today we get the hips open for summer activities like dancing, walking, gardening, sitting in a plane.... There is so many things that are easier and more fun with open hips. Enjoy the practice!

  • Spring Into Summer - Day 8

    After digging in the dirt this weekend, I see how much stretching the hands and feet can help...so we'll do that today!

  • Spring Into Summer - Day 9

    Today we take time to breathe, because sometimes all this beauty and possibilities can be overwhelming.

  • Spring Into Summer - Day 10

    For this class we open up for kayaking...and it's still good, even if you don't kayak.

  • Spring Into Summer - Day 11

    We focus on moving slow and steady today.

  • Spring Into Summer - Day 12

    Today we build some strength to make summer activities more enjoyable and longer lasting...and, strengthen feels good, after, so look forward to how you'll feel after. :-)

  • Spring Into Summer - Day 15

    Today we will practice a popular meditation called "Loving Kindness."

  • Spring Into Summer - Day 16

    For our 16th day of the series we'll open up our backs and do some stretching in all the ways the back moves. This is a good class to hold on to and return to now and then to keep everything in the back flowing nicely.  :-)

  • Spring Into Summer - Day 17

    I'm feeling a need for gratitude today. Gratitude practice really does two things, at least for me. On the one hand it helps me be reminded that there are many, many things to be grateful for. I really seems limitless. On the other hand, it gives a reprieve from all the other things in life that ...

  • Spring Into Summer - Day 18

    For our 18th day of the series we'll get more open in the shoulder and the neck.

  • Spring Into Summer - Day 19

    Today we focus on the value of going slow & steady in life, and in a yoga practice.