Chakra Series

Chakra Series

You are invited to join this interesting, educational, and fun 21-day series! In this series we will explore the seven main chakras of the body, taking time to consider each chakra and doing practices to find balance for each one. Classes are 15 minutes or less.

The areas we will focus on are:
being grounded
going with the flow
love and connection
insight and imagination

What Are Chakras?
The chakras are energy centers of the body related to parts of the body that you probably already think about. For instance, the 4th chakra is related to love and connection and it is at the heart. The 7th chakra is at the top of the head and is relation deeper learning and thought.

What Is The Outcome Of The Series?
At the end of the series you will have a deeper understanding of the chakra system, and have simple tools you can use when you notice a chakra isn’t aligned with who you are.

What Will We Do Each Class
We will be doing a combination of physical practice, meditation, journaling and contemplation for each of the seven chakras. physical practices that help bring more balance to your chakras, as well as a focus on introspection, journaling, and deepening understanding of yourself. Each class will have an easy “assignment” to consider for the day in relation to whatever chakra is being worked on. You can do the assignments each day, or enjoy our short practices and still get a lot out of the series.

What Will It Feel Like?
As we work on different chakras in the series, you’ll really feel the energy of that chakra we are working on…it’s both fascinating, and it makes sense. If you are doing heart openers for 15 minutes, you’ll feel energy around the heart. The cool thing is that besides feeling energy around the heart, you also feel the characteristics of the heart, which is love and connection. That is what is cool about the chakras. You can really feel the characteristics of each chakra, and in that way, find more balance with those energies.

This series will be fun, lighthearted, and educational. I hope you will join us!

Chakra Series
  • Chakra Series: 21-Days

  • Welcome to the 21-Day Chakra Series!

    It's great to have you here, and I'm very happy to be here with you. Today's class is an introduction to the chakra system and a short experience with each one. I'm looking forward to traveling through the chakras with you over the next 21 days!

  • Chakras Day 2: Connection To The Legs and Feet

    Day 2 - Today we learn a bit more about the 1st chakra, and we focus on the legs and feet.

  • Chakras Day 3 :: More 1st Chakras

    Today we continue with the 1st chakra, working on simple postures held for a longer period to really experience a feeling of being present and grounded.

  • Chakas Day 4:: 2nd Chakra

    The 2nd chakra is called "Svadhisthana," which mean's "one's own place." The 2nd chakra is about having fun, connecting to your emotions, going with the flow of life. It also is related to sex in terms of the joy of sex. When in balance, you flow with change, are connected to your emotions, and ...

  • Flowing Like A River

    The 2nd chakra is about going with the flow, being spontaneous, having fun, connecting to your emotions. One way to connect with that is through opening the hips, and another way is to actually flowing in the body, which is what we are going to do today. Today's practice is a great one for when y...

  • 21-Day Series:: Third Chakra (Day 1)

    The 3rd chakra, "Manipura," means "lustrous gem."  This is all about will power and getting things moving. This chakra is creating heat (FIRE!) through movement. Manipura is about creating transformation.  And, as we all have most likely experienced, particularly in the beginning, it can be hard ...

  • Earth, Water, Fire

    The first three chakras are about earth, water, and fire. Today we'll work on the three together. As a group they are our survival skills, and you need each one, depending on the situation. It's important to really focus in on the individual chakras, like we've been doing, but all the chakras are...

  • 21 Day Series :: Heart Chakra (Day 1)

    The heart chakra, "anahata," which means "unstuck, unhurt," is the center point of the chakra system. There are three chakras above it, and three below. It's also the central energy of us. The heart is what keeps us going in terms of pumping blood, and love is also what keeps us going. The 4th ch...

  • Chakra Four, Day Two

    For today we will practice a "Loving Kindness" meditation. The idea of the meditation is to send love to yourself and others. It's a really beautiful practice. I hope you enjoy it.

  • 21 Day Chakra Series :: Chakra Five, Day One

    The fifth chakra is at the throat and its Sanskrit name is "vissudha," which means "purification." I think it's cool that what this is saying is that if you are clear with your communication through the throat then it's purifying...isn't that true.  And, speaking of truth, the thing that can real...

  • 21-Day Chakra Series :: Chakra Five Day Two

    An aspect of opening the fifth chakra is chanting and singing, which makes sense. It's a recognition of the therapeutic benefits of singing in order to "find your voice." Just like who with the second chakra dancing and movement is a way to more connect to your emotional self.

    With that in mind,...

  • 21-Day Series :: Sixth Chakra

    We are now moving up to the chakras of the mind. The sixth chakra is called "Ajna," which translates as "perception." It is at the 3rd eye, which is between the eyebrows and up a little bit. The sixth chakra has a lot to do with both what we see with the eyes, and well as what we see in our imagi...

  • 21 Day Chakra Series :: 7th Chakra

    We have made the journey through all the chakras and have arrived at the crown chakra, "Sahasrara," which means "thousandfold lotus." This chakra is about thought and consciousness. Someone with a balanced seventh chakra is open-minded and recognizes that what the know might not be the whole trut...

  • Chakras One to Seven

    When all of the chakras are aligned, each chakra shines brightly without blinding another chakra.

  • Chakras For Manifestation

    A cool way to work with the chakras is manifestation. Starting with Thought, moving through Visualization, Communication, Relationships, Energy, Flow, and ending at the final chakra with Trust. Moving is this way is a really great framework for manifesting ideas into reality, which is what we wi...