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Watch 21-Day Series:: Third Chakra (Day 1)

Watch 21-Day Series:: Third Chakra (Day 1)

21-Day Series:: Third Chakra (Day 1)

Chakra Series • 15m

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  • Earth, Water, Fire

    The first three chakras are about earth, water, and fire. Today we'll work on the three together. As a group they are our survival skills, and you need each one, depending on the situation. It's important to really focus in on the individual chakras, like we've been doing, but all the chakras are...

  • 21 Day Series :: Heart Chakra (Day 1)

    The heart chakra, "anahata," which means "unstuck, unhurt," is the center point of the chakra system. There are three chakras above it, and three below. It's also the central energy of us. The heart is what keeps us going in terms of pumping blood, and love is also what keeps us going. The 4th ch...

  • Chakra Four, Day Two

    For today we will practice a "Loving Kindness" meditation. The idea of the meditation is to send love to yourself and others. It's a really beautiful practice. I hope you enjoy it.