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Watch Chakas Day 4:: 2nd Chakra

Watch Chakas Day 4:: 2nd Chakra

Chakas Day 4:: 2nd Chakra

Chakra Series • 16m

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  • Flowing Like A River

    The 2nd chakra is about going with the flow, being spontaneous, having fun, connecting to your emotions. One way to connect with that is through opening the hips, and another way is to actually flowing in the body, which is what we are going to do today. Today's practice is a great one for when y...

  • 21-Day Series:: Third Chakra (Day 1)

    The 3rd chakra, "Manipura," means "lustrous gem."  This is all about will power and getting things moving. This chakra is creating heat (FIRE!) through movement. Manipura is about creating transformation.  And, as we all have most likely experienced, particularly in the beginning, it can be hard ...

  • Earth, Water, Fire

    The first three chakras are about earth, water, and fire. Today we'll work on the three together. As a group they are our survival skills, and you need each one, depending on the situation. It's important to really focus in on the individual chakras, like we've been doing, but all the chakras are...