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Watch 21 Day Chakra Series :: Chakra Five, Day One

Watch 21 Day Chakra Series :: Chakra Five, Day One

21 Day Chakra Series :: Chakra Five, Day One

Chakra Series • 16m

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    An aspect of opening the fifth chakra is chanting and singing, which makes sense. It's a recognition of the therapeutic benefits of singing in order to "find your voice." Just like who with the second chakra dancing and movement is a way to more connect to your emotional self.

    With that in mind,...

  • 21-Day Series :: Sixth Chakra

    We are now moving up to the chakras of the mind. The sixth chakra is called "Ajna," which translates as "perception." It is at the 3rd eye, which is between the eyebrows and up a little bit. The sixth chakra has a lot to do with both what we see with the eyes, and well as what we see in our imagi...

  • 21 Day Chakra Series :: 7th Chakra

    We have made the journey through all the chakras and have arrived at the crown chakra, "Sahasrara," which means "thousandfold lotus." This chakra is about thought and consciousness. Someone with a balanced seventh chakra is open-minded and recognizes that what the know might not be the whole trut...