Third Limb Series

Third Limb Series

In this series we will focus on the body and movement as meditation. Classes will last around 15 minutes. Some classes will be a bit faster, some slower, some a more general practice, and some focused on a certain type of posture, like hips, for instance. This series is a great way to guarantee you'll get your yoga practice in for the day, feel energized, and be uplifted from the experience. :-)

Why "Third Limb?"
In the Sutras of Patanjali, yoga is laid out as eight "limbs", the third limb being "asana," which translates directly as "seat." In modern yoga, asana is thought of as the physical practice of yoga...or, what most people think of when they think of yoga. With that, the main focus of each class will be connecting to the feeling in the body as we enjoy a short, physical practice.

The Third Limb Series lasts 21-days, with a short class (15 minutes or less) posted each morning. Here is what to expect:
• Feel Connected to Your Body
• Light-Hearted
• Joyous Classes
• All Abilities Welcome
• Practice Anytime
• Easy To Commit to; Easy To Do
• Pet-Friendly
• Consistent Every Day
• Classes Archived—So You Can Practice Anytime, Anywhere
• Leave Class Feeling Uplifted

The purpose of the studio is To provide an online yoga home for students of all abilities through uplifting, joyous teachings built on the foundations of the yoga tradition.
So don't worry...this series is open to everyone, as are all the classes at the studio.

Each morning a new class will be posted. You can watch the class when you get up in the morning, fit it in-between things during the day, or do it before you go to bed. It's best to figure out a time that works and do it at a consistent time...but, if you need to move the class around each day to make it work, you're free to do that - that's what is so great about it!

I hope to see you in the series. :-)

This is the first of 21-day series classes I will be teaching. Upcoming there will be other, awesome series classes...around once/month. It's going to be great!!

Third Limb Series