21 Days of Gratitude

21 Days of Gratitude

SERIES STARTS NOV. 6TH! Research shows that practicing gratitude for 15 minutes a day over a period of weeks can enhance mental wellness and promote a lasting change in perspective. Let's do it!

Each class of this series is 15 minutes or less, covering a variety of gratitude practices, along with physical yoga, meditation, writing, and homework assignments. The classes are recorded the day they are posted, so the content is fresh and tailored to you.

Any questions and comments you have are answered in videos, making the experience personal and community oriented. Because classes are recorded you can practice when it is most convenient for you.
I hope you'll be part of this series.

21 Days of Gratitude
  • 21 Days of Gratitude

  • 21 Days of Gratitude - Welcome!

    Day 1 - Welcome to 21 Days of Gratitude! I'm super glad you are here, and I'm so happy to be here with you. :-)

    Make sure to have a journal and something to write with today and everyday. I'm looking forward to spending this time together...welcome!

  • 21 Day of Gratitude :: Day 2

    Day 2 - Today, I share the idea of "First, See the Good." It's the foundational principle of the Yoga Teacher Training that I teach and it's also my own personal practice that reminds me to look for the good in the world. I find it extremely useful. The idea of First, See the Good, is recognizing...

  • 21 Days of Gratitude :: Day 3

    Day 3 - Our focus today is on emotions, and being ok with whatever emotions we feel. Gratitude isn't about happiness...though happiness comes from gratitude...it's about being grateful. Whatever you are feeling today, we'll practice gratitude for that.

  • 21 Days of Gratitude :: Breath

    Day 4 - The breath is a wonderful thing that is always happening, and focusing on it reminds you are alive...and breathing.

  • 21 Days of Gratitude :: Day 5

    Day 5 - The senses are a sensational thing to be grateful for.

  • 21 Days of Gratitude :: Day 8

    Day 8 - Home is something we all long for, and when we have it, it's good to be grateful for it.

  • 21 Days of Gratitude :: Day 9

    Day 9 - Having gratitude for experiences from the past as a wonderful way to relive them.

  • 21 Days of Gratitude :: Animals

    Day 10 - Animals, whether pets or animals "in the wild," play a huge role of our lives.

  • 21 Days of Gratitude :: Day 11

    Day 11 - We get the most gratitude from material possessions when they are associated with an experience in our lives.

  • 21 Days of Gratitude :: Speaking Gratitude

    Day 12 - in order to fully embody gratitude, a helpful practice is to say gratitudes aloud.

  • 21 Days of Gratitude :: Loving Kindness

    Nov. 20, 2023 - Practicing loving kindness is wonderful way to feel gratitude for all the people in our lives, including ourselves.

  • 21 Days of Gratitude :: Thanking Others

    Day 16 - It feels really good to thank others for what they do, not only for them, but for you.

  • Gratitude Letter

    Day 19 - There is quite a bit of research that shows that if you write a letter of gratitude to someone (sending isn't necessary) it increases your positive feelings and alleviates negative feelings.

  • 21 Days of Gratitude :: So Much Gratitude!

    Day 19 - This is the last recorded class of the series. Today we will review all of the wonderful gratitude we have experienced over our three weeks together. Thank you for doing this practice. :-)

  • 21 Days of Gratitude :: One Hour Class

    Day 18 - Today's class is recording of a live one hour gratitude class on Thanksgiving.