21-Day Grounding

21-Day Grounding

The goal of this series is to find grounding during this time of transition that can feel very ungrounded. The seasons are slowly changing, days are getting shorter, schools are starting. This is definitely a time of year that really needs to solid grounding and to find your footing. We will focus on feeling grounded in all kinds of ways..mentally, physically, and emotionally. We’ll do practices that focus on moving the body and feeling grounded. We’ll do practices that are more meditation oriented. We will also include some journaling and other practices that will help will finding grounding during this time that can feel abit up in the air.

21-Day Grounding
  • Grounding 21-Day Series

    Enjoy 21 days of short classes, 15 minutes or less, to help you feel a sense of grounding. We will use do a variety of practices, including physical practice, meditation practices, and journaling practices.

  • 21-Day Grounding Series - Day 1

    Day 1 - Yay! So excited to be back together doing a 21-day series. Enjoy!

  • 21-Day Grounding Series - Day 2

    Day 2 - We will focus on the physical experience of being grounded for today.

  • 21-Day Ground Series - Day 3

    Day 3 - Today we will enjoy some breath work with a bit of physical practice to start.

  • 21-Day Grounding Series - Day 4

    For day 4 we will work on movement as a grounding experience.

  • 21-Day Grounding Series - Day 5

    For today we will focus on a meditation practice called "noting." In the practice you literally note in your mind what is coming up for you, using a single word. It might be mental, physical or emotional.  Then, in between the noting you notice the silence and emptiness...and feeling grounded. It...

  • 21-Day Grounding Series: Day 8

    I hope the weekend integration time was helpful for you! I'm excited to be working on the feet for grounding today. The feet are the connection we have to the ground, and often times can be covered by shoes or socks, and they are literarily distant from us...they are the furtherest thing on the b...

  • 21-Day Grounding Series - Day 9

    Day 9 - For today I'm excited to do some restorative postures together. It's going to feel great. :-)

  • 21-Day Grounding Series: Day 10

    Day 10 - Today we enjoy a grounding slow walking meditation.

  • 21-Day Grounding Series - Day 11

    Day 11 - Today we focus on the physical practice to find grounding.

  • 21-Day Grounding Series - Day 12

    Day 12 - Today we will do an exercise on grounding ourselves in our identity. It's an interesting practice in defining how we see ourselves. In the context of this series, it's a great exercise in terms of reminding ourselves of ourselves, and helping us keep on track with our priorities. With th...

  • 21-Day Grounding Series - Day 15

    Day 15 - Arriving on the mat today, I was grateful that I have something that I can do and let go of other things. That's what we will do in our practice today...focus on "only this."

  • 21-Day Grounding Series - Day 16

    Day 16 - Today we focus on a simple breathing exercise to feel more grounded.

  • 21-Day Grounding Series - Day 17

    Day 17 - What we are going to do today is use the senses as a way to ground and "escape" from the world. Sometimes life can feel overwhelming and it's nice to have a way to get out of it for a bit. Today, we will dive into the senses and leave the mind, to give ourselves a bit of a grounded resta...

  • 21-Day Ground Series - Day 18

    Day 18 - Sometimes it can help to take something away to deepen your skill at that thing. Today, we will do some postures that are ungrounding as a way to develop deeper grounding abilities.  I hope you enjoy it!

  • 21-Day Grounding Series - Day 19

    Day 19 - Today we do foot preparation to talk a barefoot walk (on your own time) outside!