Fresh Start Yoga Series

Fresh Start Yoga Series

Start Anytime, Practice Anywhere! You can start this series whenever you'd's never too late. Series classes are posted each day from Jan. 2nd-Jan 22nd...and you can do the series in-sync with new classes posted, or when it works best for you.

Start Fresh in 2023 with a 15 minute class each day for 21 days! These daily practices will help set a positive foundation for 2023, and put you on the road to new and improved habits for the new year. Whatever you want to change, introduce, let go of, this series is here to give you support and tools to help you move forward.

The New Year is a great time to start fresh, but it can be really hard to stick with it on your own. Let's do it together!

Classes are recorded and are 15 minutes long. You can practice when you want, where you want, and at your own pace. You will receive a supportive email each morning with a link and information about that day's class. Each Sunday session will be an "Integration Day," giving you time to catch up or redo a class. We will also have a special 1-hour class that we will do together over zoom for those who are interested.

I really hope you'll join us in this fun, community-oriented series focused on moving forward toward your more perfect Self.

What to Expect 
• You Can Watch the Series Anytime/Anywhere Within the 90-Day Rental Period
• Daily Yoga Practice Designed to Set a Positive Foundation for 2023
• Time To Layout Your 2023 Path and Start To Follow It
• Techniques to Help to Stay Committed to New Habits
• All Levels and Abilities Welcome
• Physical, Breathing, Meditation and Journaling Practices
• Leave Class Feeling Uplifted
• Pet-Friendly
• Easy to Commit To; Easy To Do
• 21-Days
• Community-Oriented
• 15-Minutes or Less

Each morning  a new class will be posted. You will receive an email letting you know the class is ready. You can watch it when you get up in the morning, fit it in-between things during the day, or do it before you go to bed. It's easier to stick to the series with a consistent practice time...but, if you need to move the class around each day to make it work, you're free to do that - that's what is so great about it!

John McConnell Yoga Studio provides an online yoga home for students of all abilities through uplifting, joyous teachings built on the foundations of the yoga tradition. So don't worry...this series is open to everyone, as are all the classes at the studio.

Let’s have fun, together, as we create new positive habits and paths in 2023. I hope you’ll join us!

Fresh Start Yoga Series
  • Fresh Start Series: Learn What It's About

    15 Minute Classes, 21 Days! Let's Create New Habits In the New Year!

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  • Fresh Start - Day 1

    Welcome to the series! As was to start fresh, today we'll appreciate where where we are, and that we are starting at all. Way to go in making the time to be here. I'm glad you are here!

  • Fresh Start - Day 2

    Today we work on recognizing and letting go of obstacles that can get in the way of having a fresh start.

  • Fresh Start - Day 3

    Today we think about one thing we want to add into our life, and why we want to do that.

  • Fresh Start - Day 4

    Today we remind ourselves of something good, left go of something, and remember what you want to bring in to your life. :-)

  • Fresh Start - Day 5

    For today's class, we have a simple seated sequence, and then enjoy a comforting breathing exercise.

  • Fresh Start - Day 6

    Today we let go of all the other options in life, and focus on this one practice.

  • Fresh Start - Day 8

    Today we consider the idea of having a "Rule of Life." Have your journal for writing after class.

  • Fresh Start - Day 9

    We practice a loving kindness meditation today.

  • Fresh Start - Day 10

    Today we make a slight, one degree change in our course.

  • Fresh Start - Day 11

    We will look at life and First, See the Good today. :-)

  • Fresh Start - Day 12

    For today we will find a nice connection with our breath, particularly the top and bottom of the breath.

  • Fresh Start - Day 13

    We practice a repeated routine today, while we consider the meaning of the word "routine", and the value of having one.

  • Fresh Start - Day 15

    Everything in life ends, including this class and this series, which is a good reason why we should savor it all. :-)

  • Fresh Start - Day 16

    Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing, so today we think about who we are, and if we are doing ALL our good things, instead of just one.

  • Fresh Start - Day 17

    Today I share a Rumi poem called "Silk Worm."

  • Fresh Start - Day 18

    Today, like every day, is a good day to think about positive things we like about ourselves.

  • Fresh Start - Day 19

    Today we let go of things we don't need on in our lives.

  • Fresh Start - Day 20

    Today we return to the considering the reason or reasons you set out on this journey in the first place. Congratulations!