15 Minutes

15 Minutes

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15 Minutes
  • Chakras One to Seven

    When all of the chakras are aligned, each chakra shines brightly without blinding another chakra.

  • Flowing Like A River

    The 2nd chakra is about going with the flow, being spontaneous, having fun, connecting to your emotions. One way to connect with that is through opening the hips, and another way is to actually flowing in the body, which is what we are going to do today. Today's practice is a great one for when y...

  • Third Limb Series - Day 18

    This is our final "Thursday Strength" class. Today we think about our personal strength to be our True Self.

  • Third Limb Series - Day 11

    For today's "Thursday Strength" class we focus on mental and emotional strength.

  • Third Limb Series - Day 5

    Today is "Flow Friday." We enjoy a nice, easy going flowing practice.

  • Third Limb Series - Day 4

    "Thursday Strength" - Feel your strength as we flow through a fun, moving sequence.

  • Third Limb Series - Day 3

    It's Wednesday, so that means "Balance Wednesday." Today we'll search for balance in all kinds of ways.

  • Holiday Helper - Day 16

    We do a nice practice of "Loving Kindness" for today's meditation.

  • Holiday Helper - Day 12

    Today we find connection to our legs and feet to experience the feeling of "being home."

  • Holiday Helper - Day 11

    We enjoy a deep meditation with a body scan using the chakras.

  • Holiday Helper - Day 9

    For today's helper class, we focus on letting go of thoughts of the past and the future, and do our best to find right now. :-)

  • Fresh Start - Day 12

    For today we will find a nice connection with our breath, particularly the top and bottom of the breath.

  • Fresh Start - Day 5

    For today's class, we have a simple seated sequence, and then enjoy a comforting breathing exercise.

  • Fresh Start - Day 4

    Today we remind ourselves of something good, left go of something, and remember what you want to bring in to your life. :-)

  • Fresh Start - Day 3

    Today we think about one thing we want to add into our life, and why we want to do that.

  • Bright Heart Series - Day 10

    Today we practice movement as the meditation.

  • Bright Heart Series - Class 5

    We do some joyful breath and more movement to stay warm in this cold weather.

  • Bright Heart Series - Class 4

    We turn the light of our mind toward gratitude today.

  • Bright Heart Series - Class 2

    Today we will remember a "bright moment" from the summer and feel the experience as we practice.

  • Spring Into Summer - Day 12

    Today we build some strength to make summer activities more enjoyable and longer lasting...and, strengthen feels good, after, so look forward to how you'll feel after. :-)

  • Spring Into Summer - Day 9

    Today we take time to breathe, because sometimes all this beauty and possibilities can be overwhelming.

  • Spring Into Summer - Day 4

    Today's practice is all about getting ready for hiking...particularly if you are in Vermont, Camel's Hump. :-)

  • 21-Day Grounding Series - Day 17

    Day 17 - What we are going to do today is use the senses as a way to ground and "escape" from the world. Sometimes life can feel overwhelming and it's nice to have a way to get out of it for a bit. Today, we will dive into the senses and leave the mind, to give ourselves a bit of a grounded resta...

  • 21-Day Grounding Series - Day 15

    Day 15 - Arriving on the mat today, I was grateful that I have something that I can do and let go of other things. That's what we will do in our practice today...focus on "only this."