February/March 2024 - Love

February/March 2024 - Love

For our very first calendar of classes, let's start with love. These classes are different lengths and physical focus, all around the general idea of love. What a great way to get through this time of year!

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February/March 2024 - Love
  • Loving Kindness

    Oct. 13, 2021 - It's nice to consider acts of love and kindness as your legacy, really than forever doing as much as you can to show that you matter. Do less, and what you do, do it with love in your heart. In this practice we'll start with a nice meditation on loving kindness.

  • Remind Yourself of the Good

    September 3, 2021 - I’ve been really proud of myself this week. UVM classes started on Monday, and it’s been going really great. I’ve had a wonderful time teaching and I feel like what I’m doing something that matters to the students and they are into it, which is awesome. The thing I’ve been pro...

  • Bright Heart Series - Class 4

    We turn the light of our mind toward gratitude today.

  • Be Who You Are

    July 8, 2021 - I am someone who prefers to be happy, and then when I’m not I’m disappointed or judge myself for it. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this…I think everyone has a desire to be happy. Something I love about the yoga philosophy is that it teaches that it’s ok if you aren’t happy eve...

  • Many Types of Love

    Feb 11, 2022 - In reading "Exquisite Love," it mentions all the types of love available. There is love of another person, but there is also love of animals, trees, places, things...there are many, many types of love.

    Today we celebrate all the love that is possible!

  • Your Goodness Is Always Part of You

    Dec 16, 2020 - In the philosophy of the teachings in the "Vijñānabhairava", it speaks to the idea that we can't separate ourselves of goodness and light, just like water can't be separated from wetness. Isn't that awesome! I love that idea. So, we'll celebrate our light today as we connect to ...

  • Bright Heart Series - Class 5

    We do some joyful breath and more movement to stay warm in this cold weather.

  • Now, Therefore, We Will Speak of Bhakti

    Friday, Nov 4, 2022 - Today we speak of Bhakti, which is devotional Love.

  • Removing Barriers to Awaken Love

    Monday, Nov. 7, 2022 - There is a great quote from Rumi: "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

  • Bright Heart Series - Day 10

    Today we practice movement as the meditation.

  • Practice Love All the Time With All the Heart

    Tuesday, Nov 8th - Today we consider one of the sutras from the Bhakti tradition, that in-part says, "practice love all of the time with all of the heart." Isn't that nice. :-)

  • Bright Heart Series - Day 12

    Today we do enjoy a more vigorous physical practice.

  • Teachings and Practices about Love

    Today we consider practices and teachings about love.

  • Be Who You Are

    Tuesday, 3.21.23 - Today we appreciate ourselves and the fact that are different everyday, so we should celebrate and love who we wake up as each morning.

  • Awaken to Love

    Today we awaken to the love that is always present inside...sometimes it may be hidden, but it's still there. :-)

  • Bright Heart Series - Day 14

    Teachings on love should be reflected on, practices that awaken it should be undertaken.

  • Loving Kindness

    We'll practice a loving kindness meditation today, that is a great practice to feel more love for others as well as yourself.

  • Becoming Ecstatic, Stilled & Delighting in the Self

    Today we focus on the idea that connecting to love can be done through being ecstatic, through being still, or in delighting in the self...or, all three at once.

  • Bright Heart Series - Day 15


  • Love Only One Thing

    May 29, 2023 - It feels good to let go of distraction and love only one thing. Today we open up to all that is around us to find right now.

  • Bright Heart Series - Day 11

    We focus on the idea that the light that you see by is the light that comes from inside.

  • Love

    June 30, 2023 - Today we consider the quest and the discovery of love.

  • Love Is Attainable

    July 6, 2023 - Today we consider the idea that love is attainable to us, always, and we should spend time looking for it, listening to it, and thinking about it.

  • Bright Heart Series - Day 13

    We will practice a 3-part breathing exercise today.