April, 2022

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  • Take Refuge In the Body

    It's nice to remember that we are traveling in this vehicle that we can escape into when we need a break from it all.

  • Your Body as Your Meditation Hall

    In today's class we use the body as our focus of meditation.

  • Thoughts Like Leaves on a River

    Today we consider viewing the mind like a river, and thoughts like leaves floating down the river.

  • Escaping Into Yoga

    Today we escape into our yoga practice, finding our octopus' garden beneath the waves.

  • Adventure As I See It

    We will soon be heading on a motorcycle book tour promoting Jane's book "Spirit Traffic." One thing about the book readings Jane does is ask the audience to share a story, with the theme "Adventure As I See It." It's been great hearing these stories, and it really has opened me up to the questi...

  • Throwback to My First Yoga Style - Ashtanga

    When I first started yoga I started with Ashtanga. We'll do a shortened version of the "primary series" today.

  • Be With How You Are

    Today we enjoy being with how we are in our mind, body and heart.

  • Yoga is Like Brushing Your Teeth

    A good way to think of yoga is like you think about brushing your teeth. You do it every day, you know it's a good idea, and you feel better after doing it. Low pressure, high rewards. :-)

  • The Power of Imagination

    Today Jane has her book launch party at ArtsRiot. I found an "imagination drawing" we made on December 4, 2015, about her writing Spirit Traffic and having this party. It is incredible that after more than six years, this thing that was imagined is happening!

    Today, I hope you'll appreciate yo...

  • Appreciating Yourself and Others Through Loving Kindness

    Today we practice the Loving Kindness meditation to remember the people in our lives.

  • Feeling Hopeful

    Every semester at UVM is when students register for the next semester. I always wonder what's going to happen, and if anyone will sign up for the classes I teach. The keep signing up! What I see is the appreciate the content. They see the value in the simple act of breathing, moving, connectin...

  • Getting Out of a Rut

    As people who live in Vermont know, it's easy to get stuck in the mud, particularly during "mud season." We can also get stuck "in the mud" in our minds...this class is about working to get out of the ruts.

  • Find In Here

    There is the out there world, and there is the "in here world". The both are happening at the same time. What is great about yoga is that it is reminding us that "in here" is always available. Today, we take a little vacation to in here. Enjoy.

  • The Power of Intention

    I took my class up a UVM for a walk yesterday. For walk we had one rule, you can't talk. Afterwards, we sat on the grass to share how the walk went. Most people said it was really special and powerful. It showed the power of intention and focus. Our intention was to walk silently as a group, ...

  • Emotions are temporary

    "Tá brón orm" is an Irish phrase that means something along to the lives of "I'm experiencing sadness", and also "I'm sorry." I love recognition that my during something that hurt you also hurts me. But, the yoga part about the expression is recognizing the temporary nature of sadness. The idea...

  • Sparks (the band)

    Last night we watched the documentary "The Sparks Brothers." It was totally great, and the story of "Sparks", a duo/band that has been around and recording since the '60s. For me, what the movie was about was what it means to really be true to your Self...an idea that is very foundational to yo...