GOOD MORNING YOGA (Recent Classes)

GOOD MORNING YOGA (Recent Classes)

These are classes that I teach every weekday morning over Zoom. These classes always are focused on leaving class feeling a bit better and more positive than when you arrived. They are accessible to everyone, and include the physical practice, but may also include philosophy, breath-work, jokes, and fun stories. This is just like being in a real class..unedited, no music. Just the class and community. You can imagine you are part of the group in the live class. :-)

GOOD MORNING YOGA (Recent Classes)
  • Opportunities

    Nov. 6, 2023 - It is good to think about all the opportunities we have in our life, particularly compared to when we were younger and yearned for opportunities.

  • First, See The Good

    Nov 7, 2023 - When you First, See The Good, it moves the focus of your mind to always start with the positive.

  • Senses

    11.10.23 - Focusing on the senses is a great way to get out of the mind and into the full experience of the present moment.

  • Home In The Breath

    11.13.23 - In yoga, finding your home of the Self can happen by bringing awareness to the breath.

  • Body As Meditation

    11.14.23 - Focusing on the body while doing yoga postures is a great way to clear the mind.

  • Animals

    10.15.23 - Animals play a major role for bringing joy to many people's lives.

  • Speaking Gratitude

    11.17.23 - When you say a gratitude around, as opposed to only thinking it, the gratitude becomes more embodied within you.

  • Inner Light

    11.27.23 - In yoga philosophy, there is there concept that everyone shares the same brilliant inner light.

  • Movement Matters

    11.29.23 - Moving the body helps change the mind and your emotional state.

  • Trajectory Vs. Position

    11.30.23 - In life it's important to focus on the particularly trajectory you are one, and us what position you are in (financial, career, relationships) as a marker to how your trajectory is going.

  • Open to the Heart

    Nov. 2, 2023 - Open up the the shoulder, neck and upper back can help you feel more connected to the energy of the heart.

  • Support of the Breath

    10.31.23 - A way to think of the breath is as supporting you in your life, like water supports a boat, and you can feel the movement of the water as you travel in the boat.

  • Flow With Change

    Nov. 1, 2023 - As the say, "change is the only constant," and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with it.

  • Gratitude

    10.25.23 - The practice of gratitude is well-known to have many mental, physical and emotional positive effects.

  • Control the self with the Self

    10.26.23 - In yoga is it thought that there is the "self," that is more of your less perfect you, and then there is the "Self," that is the ultimate you.

  • One Out of Many

    10.27.23 - There is so many possible distractions in the world, it feels really good to find one and focus on that.

  • Breath

    10.30.23 - The breath is an amazing, fascinating, complex system that we can easily take for granted.

  • Never Miss Twice

    10.19.23 - When setting goals, or trying to make a steady routine, it's good to give yourself a break and know that sometimes you might not do what you want to do. A good way to keep coming back is feel ok about the miss, and do your best to never miss twice.

  • Felt Experience

    10.23.23 - Every posture has it's own unique feeling that depends on the form of the posture as well as lots of other factors, making the same posture different every time.

  • Home Practice

    10.24.23 - Practicing at a studio has it's particularly benefits as was as pitfalls, and practicing at home also has it's benefits and pitfalls.

  • Fascia

    10.18.23 - Today we'll spend time exploring and learning about fascia.

  • Sva-Dharma

    10.16.23 - When I got into yoga, it more came to me than me searching it out. I think that's often how things happen...we have an unexpected experience or we are exposed to something and it lights up something in us. After that, it's up to us whether we pursue it or not.

  • Love and Communication

    Oct.17, 2023 - In the chakra system, the energy centers of love and communication are adjacent to one another, which makes a lot of sense.

  • Be Your True Self

    10.10.23 - The Bhagavad Gita relates the story of Arjuna, a warrior, who is afraid to be his True Self. His chariot driver, Krishna, tries to help.