March, 2022

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  • Happy Hips

    Today is all about open the hips, that are related to being open to fun and going with the flow of life.

  • Imagination Vacation

    Today we open up our minds to imagination, allowing whatever comes to be long as it's positive. :-)

  • Naming Your Feelings Beyond The Basics

    It's important to name feelings you have using your own language...instead of words like "happy", "sad", "anxious", using made up words like "hangry" instead...but, creating your own. It's a cool idea, and we'll think about this today as we really focus on the experiences felt in the body as we ...

  • The Moving Body as Meditation

    Sometimes it's nice to sit and mediate, but it's also nice to move, and experience the movement as meditation. That's what we'll do today. :-)

  • The Intelligence Trap

    Today I talk about the book "The Intelligence Trap," and we consider the value of open-mindedness and being curious. :-)

  • Be Open to Others and the World

    We watched the movie "CODA" the other day, and last night it won the Academy Award for Best Movie - yay!! It's a movie about a daughter that can hear, and her parents and brother are deaf. It's a great story the throws all the things at you that you can you cry in a movie. It's a great!

    One t...

  • Appreciating the Body

    Your body is amazing! Today we delight in our body and connect to how it feels to be embodied.

  • Creating Space

    It's good to find space in your life, particularly when you are feeling that there is a lack of space. So, if you are feeling like you are unable to find space in your day, body, mind...this class may help. Enjoy!

  • Connecting to All the Senses

    In coming back from Costa Rica, my sense experience is quite different. On the one hand, there are a lot less sounds...on the one hand less bird and monkey sounds, on the other hand less motorcycle and car sounds. Also, the feeling in the skin is so different. My hands were WARM in Costa Rica....

  • Breathing for Focus

    While on a small plane in Costa Rica, we flew into a storm cloud...not my favorite, particularly in a small plane. I decided to do the breathing exercise in this class to help change my focus, and it helped! It was a great reminder that seated meditation is really a great skill to develop, becau...