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Watch this video and more on John McConnell Yoga


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Getting Out of a Rut

60 Minutes • 56m

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  • Find In Here

    There is the out there world, and there is the "in here world". The both are happening at the same time. What is great about yoga is that it is reminding us that "in here" is always available. Today, we take a little vacation to in here. Enjoy.

  • The Power of Intention

    I took my class up a UVM for a walk yesterday. For walk we had one rule, you can't talk. Afterwards, we sat on the grass to share how the walk went. Most people said it was really special and powerful. It showed the power of intention and focus. Our intention was to walk silently as a group, ...

  • Emotions are temporary

    "Tá brón orm" is an Irish phrase that means something along to the lives of "I'm experiencing sadness", and also "I'm sorry." I love recognition that my during something that hurt you also hurts me. But, the yoga part about the expression is recognizing the temporary nature of sadness. The idea...