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Watch this video and more on John McConnell Yoga


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Practicing Gratitude

February, 2021 • 58m

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  • The Benefits of Deep Breathing

    2.17.2021 - In the New York Times I read an article about breathing. The English National Opera has started a program to help people who are suffering from the after effects of COVID-19 to regain the ability to breath deeply again. They teach basic singing methods, but more importantly they prac...

  • Appreciating Special Moments

    Feb. 18, 2021

    There has been lots of times in my life where I’ve thought, “This is special. I need to really be present for this experience.” You know, times like traveling to new places you know you won’t return, seeing something really beautiful, getting married.

    I’ve really recognizing that...

  • The Essence of All Teachings is Right...

    Feb. 19, 2021 - Part of a sutra I really like from the Radiance Sutras is, “the essence of all teachings is right here, open your eyes.” Isn’t that great! The part I really like is “essence.” The concept of essence is present often in yoga texts. The essence of something means that there are ...