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  • Gratitude

    9.27.23 - Today I was preparing to teach this class, I was suddenly overcome by a sense of gratitude for the opportunity, and also gratitude for the technology and our ability to be connected like this. It is really amazing. We'll think about what are grateful for in class today.

  • Third Limb Series - Day 5

    Today is "Flow Friday." We enjoy a nice, easy going flowing practice.

  • Routine

    9.25.23 - Today we consider the value of having a routine.

  • Second Chakra

    9.22.23 - Today we focus on opening the second chakra, as a way to open up to more fun!

  • Ungrounded

    9.21.23 - Today we get a little ungrounded as a way to more deeply know ourselves.

  • Escape Into The Senses

    9.20.23 - Today we escape into the senses.

  • The Wild Unkown

    9.18.23 - Today we open to the wild unknown.

  • Truthfulness

    9.13.23 - Today we consider all the complexities of truthfulness.

  • Satisfaction of Returning

    9.11.23 - Today we focus on a quote from Rumi - "It may be that the satisfaction I need depends on my going away, so that when I've gone and come back, I'll find it at home."

  • Noting

    9.8.23 - For today we will focus on a practice called "noting." In the practice you literally note in your mind what is coming up for you, using a single word. It might be mental, physical or emotional.  Then, in between the noting you notice the silence and emptiness...and feeling grounded. It c...

  • Finding Your Lane

    9.7.23 - Today we contemplate what it means to "stay in your lane" and also be open to expanding your understanding of what your lane is.

  • Finding Purusha

    9.6.23 - Today we consider the idea of Purusha, which is focusing on that which never changes. Good luck. :-)

  • Removing Ignorance

    9.1.23 - Today we consider ignorance and open up to curiosity.

  • Follow Your Senses

    8.31.23 - Today we follow our senses as a way to find clarity in the mind.

  • Build Your Fire

    8.30.23 - We work and gentle building our inner fire today.

  • Now We Begin

    8.29.23 - It's never too late to start, and often times, you can start without knowing as much or being as prepared as you think you need to be.

  • One-Pointed Focus

    8.28.23 - One-pointed focus is one of those things we know feels good, but can be hard to find. In today's class we'll do our best to find it.

  • Well-Made

    8.22.23 - We are "well-made."

  • Splendor of Recognition

    8.18.23 - Today we think about the philosophy of the "splendor of recognition." The idea that sometimes you forget who you are, and there is splendor in remembering.

  • Space for Love

    8.17.23 - Today we make space for love to expand for the inside out.

  • Embracing Pain

    8.16.23 - Today we focus on embracing discomfort and pain, as opposed to running away and denying the exist.

  • Loving Kindness Practice

    8.15.23 - Today we'll do a loving kindness practice.

  • Practicing Love

    8.14.23 - Today we recognize the value of practicing love, and do a bit practicing on the mat.

  • Be Yourself

    8.11.23 - Today I share a poem about appreciating where you are, and being yourself.